Board of Trustees

Natasha Brown (Chair)

Michelle Jarvis

Tony Froud

Matthew Cooper

Vickie Elliotte

Hamish Brown

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is a group of elected people who are responsible for governance and control the management of the school; the board is entrusted to work on behalf of the the wider community.

The BOT is responsible for determining the direction in which the school is heading. This occurs after consultation with parents, staff and students of the school to ensure that the school is providing the highest quality of education possible and a safe place in which students can learn.

The BOT is about enhancing student achievement; this requires each key player to fully undertake their responsibilities. An uncompromising commitment to the ongoing improvement of student achievement must be paramount for all trustees. Enhancing achievement for ALL students is our major focus.

What does the BOT do?
While the ultimate authority for the school system rests with the Ministry of Education, others have key roles in the delivery of education. Parents and caregivers, students, principals, and staff all contribute as members of the education partnership through the BOT.

Every Board must prepare and maintain a School Charter. The purpose of a School Charter is to establish the mission, aims, objectives, directions, and targets of the Board in relation to the Government’s national education guidelines (NEGs), national administration guidelines (NAGs) and the Board’s local priorities.

The Board therefore sets the destination for the school and has the overall responsibility for the school; the Board does not interfere in the day-to-day running of the school. The Principal sets the course to reach the destination; the Principal monitors and provides feedback to the Board on progress towards those goals.

The BOT meets each month and reports back to their community in the following ways:

  • Beaconsfield School newsletters
  • Board meeting minutes
  • The Annual Meeting
  • When required, consultation documents are circulated to parents and the school community to make submissions on.

Board Minutes
BOT Minutes are available on request at school office

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