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A beacon lighting the path
of excellence and wellbeing.

A beacon lighting the path of excellence and wellbeing

In this day and age of busy lifestyles, major leaps in technology and competitive work lives, it is important that we prepare our children to be academics, sportspeople, artists and citizens. At Beaconsfield the children develop the skills and attitudes that prepare them to face and overcome the challenges they will face tomorrow, next week, next year and throughout their life.

We offer:

  • Academic experiences in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Opportunities to develop personal responsibility, pride and success.
  • Respect for others and what they have to say and who they are
  • A great playground where cooperation and working together is the norm, not the exception.
  • A place where “Everybody knows your name”

Who we are

We celebrate and value our rural community and encourage the “Rural “into the school whenever possible.


Our Teachers

Our teachers celebrate each childs’ passions and teach to their strengths. At Beaconsfield everyone is a name not a number.


Strategic Plan

We are a school that prides itself on ‘where we come from’ but more importantly ‘where we are going’.


Parent Information

We embrace and are proud of our history but we are also forward thinking with a mind set on the future.

Our Values

We celebrate the children, their experiences and uniqueness that they carry with them and bring to our school.


We have and demonstrate Respect for ourselves and others through our listening, actions and words.

We strive for Excellence in all we do knowing that it is a personal journey that looks different for all.

Individually we survive but when we work cooperatively we thrive.

We are interested in our world, open to new ideas and brave enough to ask “Why not? rather than “Why?”.

We look at problems as challenges to be learned from through looking at them from different angles.

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